Customer Spotlight: Pacific Restaurant


Pacific Restaurant

Chefs Nelia Serapion and Phillippe Biermann

Tillamook, OR

Why Ocean Beauty?

Ocean Beauty Seafoods is always the number one purveyor in freshness and quality making it an easy choice once opening a restaurant of our own.


In 2006, Nelia was given the opportunity to open a restaurant in downtown Portland. She took Phil with her to be sous chef. In 2009 they came to Tillamook to become the chefs at the Pacific House Restaurant, and in 2011 they were able to call Pacific Restaurant their own. The menu they’ve created together keeps the locals coming back and makes the Pacific Restaurant worth driving out of the way. Chef Phils nouvelle style and bold tastes perfectly compliment Chef Nelias superb undertones and balances. Their love for food shines in their plates and through their committed and knowledgeable staff.

Thank you Pacific Restaurant for making us part of your family!!