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Echo Falls Specialty Seafood

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The Echo Falls brand is the leading smoked salmon brand in the United States. To continue its strong legacy, we’re introducing value added products to this brand, diversifying the overall product line with “specialty seafood.”

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EF Specialty Seafoods

Echo Falls is the number one grocery retail smoked salmon brand in the United States, and for good reason. Fresh, premium quality fish are hand-selected for this line and smoked using the authentic and traditional methods of Alaska, Scotland, and Norway. We are expanding our brand by introducing non-smoked items, which include a range of value-added seafood selections. Echo Falls products are here to enhance consumer gatherings. With new, elegant & playful branding updates, our new look celebrates the old-world heritage of the brand, while still being approachable. 

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Hot Smoked Salmon

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Cold Smoked Salmon

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