Customer Spotlight: Bridgewater Bistro

Bridgewater Bistro – Astoria, Oregon

Chef Lynne Pelletier

Chef Lynne "Red" Pelletier - Bridgewater Bistro

Chef Lynne “Red” Pelletier – Bridgewater Bistro

Why Ocean Beauty….???

“I have had a relationship with Ocean Beauty Seafoods for 20+ years…They have the “Freshest of the Fresh Seafood available” and the best customer service on the Oregon Coast!!”

Lynne Pelletier was born in a small town in Massachusetts, she spent most summers on a small island off the coast of Rhode Island called Block Island. She was exposed to most, if not all, of the local seafood. Her uncle was a sword fisherman and brought home every kind of fish available. He taught her to cook this abundant seafood the old fashioned way from a fisherman’s point of view. Her mother and sister were extremely good cooks. Her great-grandmother was a chef in the Hamptons on Long Island, New York.  With all of these as influences, no wonder she became a chef.

Lynne moved to Block Island when her daughter was 18 and opened the only candy store on the “Block”.  Making a large percentage of the candies that were sold there. In the winter, when tourists were scarce, she gravitated to cooking once again at one of the three or four restaurants that remained open. After several years on the island, she spent a winter in Florida and decided to remain to take care of her aging parents acquiring a job at “Tokyo Bay Japanese Restaurant”. It helped her hone her skills and learn more about Japanese cuisine—most of all “sushi”, which she learned from their master sushi chef. After her parents passed on, she was enticed by her daughter to come to the Pacific Northwest. The move to a totally alien environment was a culture shock to this energetic chef. She started her own catering business and did several seasons of dinner theater with the well-known “Astor Street Opry Company”.  From there, she opened the “Cannery Cafe” with Corinne Richardi. When the Cannery Cafe was sold, she became the chef at the prestigious “Shoalwater Restaurant” in Seaview, Washington—just across the Columbia River from Astoria. She considers herself a graduate of ICI (institute for the culinary insane). In other words, self-taught from the school of hard knocks.  She wouldn’t trade this career for anything short of winning the lottery. You can find her now at the awesome “Bridgewater Bistro” in Astoria on the beautiful Columbia River—still doing what she does best . . . cooking up a storm!

Festive and Flawless as always . . . CHEF LYNNE PELLETIER. If you can stand the heat. . . get in the kitchen and COOK!!

20 Basin Street
Astoria, Oregon 97103