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April is Seafood Sustainability Month

Keeping the Bountiful Pacific.



Can you trust where your seafood is from and how it was harvested? Seems like every month there is a new story about the bad players thatthreaten our industry reputation. Ocean Beauty is here to tell you we we are committed to the sustainability and safety of our products as well as the staff and communities that depend on them. We own and operate shoreside processing facilities in Alaska, and are half owned by coastal communities who depend utterly on the long-term salmon harvest.

We take the availability and wholesomeness of the salmon resource very seriously. Federal and State governments perform the fantastic and arduous task of fisheries management and we support those efforts. Specifically the State of Alaska pioneered the legislation, science, and procedures in maintaining the long term viability of our Pacific Ocean resources. sockeye-salmon

Ocean Beauty is fortunate to be headquartered near the bountiful Pacific where we process a large amount of wild salmon harvest every summer. Frankly, being a part of the economic engine that is the U.S. Seafood industry has always had its ups and downs. There are many forces at play, including mother nature and anthropogenic climate change. We support the science of fisheries management and will adjust as necessary in order to preserve the longevity of a fishery. We always will play the long game regarding the health of the fisheries and the strength of the communities that rely on the fish. People are enjoying more seafood, are understanding its benefits, and are conscious about its environmental footprint and benefit to all of us.

We encourage you to visit these resources to learn more about sustainable choices in seafood:

NOAA Office of Sustainable Fisheries

NOAA’s Fish Watch

Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute

Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative 

The Food Marketing Institute strongly supports sustainable fisheries. Maintain your health, and the healthy lifestyles of the people around the world who responsibly and carefully bring you the best protein available.