Alaska Locations

Ocean Beauty Seafoods is a diverse company, with operations in sixteen locations worldwide. We operate in all major salmon-producing regions of Alaska: Bristol Bay, Kodiak Island, Copper River, and throughout the length of Southeast Alaska.

-Our Naknek production facility is responsible for processing enormous amounts of salmon each day, along with local herring. This plant can process our seafood products in many different variations from bulk frozen seafood to specialty products.

-The Alitak processing location situated on the secluded Kodiak Island produces value-added, salmon fillets and portions, H&G and fillet halibut, black cod, herring roe, canned salmon and salmon roe.

-Our Kodiak plant is one of the oldest plants on the island and operates year round, processing salmon, halibut, crab, cod, pollock, rockfish, flatfish and herring. We are known to be Alaska’s premiere supplier of canned salmon and salmon roe.

-Nestled in the picturesque Prince William Sound is the Cordova facility, processing a variety of salmon and halibut in fresh, frozen, or canned options.

-Outside Juneau, AK sits our Excursion Inlet plant, which we call X.I.P for short. They also process a wide range of seafood in many fresh or frozen options.

-Lastly, Ocean Beauty’s Petersburg production facility is known for producing the finest Ikura (salmon caviar), along with fresh and frozen chum, sockeye, coho salmon and canned salmon as well.

The amount of seafood these six Alaska production facilities produce combined is remarkable, and they just keep on surprising us every fishing season. You can read more by clicking the images below.