Logistics & Global Sourcing

Getting product to your location safely, on time, on budget, while maintaining all food safety and good handling practices is our goal. We pride ourselves on having the best logistics team in the business. Whether you need fresh fish flown in from Alaska, smoked salmon to be in time for holiday sales, canned salmon forward warehoused, or export logistics, we can provide it. We use all available means of transport, with an eye toward reducing costs, fuel usage, and carbon footprint.

Ocean Beauty positions select frozen inventories throughout the US, Europe, and Asia to reduce order cycle times and support our customer base.

TSA Screening

Among the factors we are most proud of is that Ocean Beauty was the first food manufacturer in the US to have TSA-approved cargo screening onsite.

Ocean Beauty now has 3 plants certified: Cordova, Kodiak and Excursion Inlet

Benefits of operating a certified screening facility includes:

  • No further screening required at the airport
  • Shorter receiving times prior to aircraft departures
  • Priority loading
  • Less exposure to ambient temperatures on the tarmac
  • No physical inspections which may risk contamination
  • Time/Temperature Recording – Another area we have pioneered is time/temperature recording for fresh shipments. We use time/temp sensors in order to maintain optimal cool chain compliance and ensure the freshness of the fish. The example above of a finished report shows the external temperature of the box as it moved through the supply chain. The right half of the chart shows when the box was received at its final destination and the sensor was removed.