Visit the Bristol Bay Economic Development Corporation (BBEDC) to learn about the community in this important Alaska borough and their natural resources.


Sustainability is not just about the fish – it’s about the fish and the people who depend on them.

Sustainability to us means supporting our human communities by producing food from sustainable sources in a way that is at maximum harmony with the natural environment, so that future generations can rely on high quality seafood. Our goal is not only to run a profitable business, but also to help ensure the people we serve can maintain the culture and traditional way of life in remote Western Alaska. More about the BBEDC can be found at

Hunger Relief and Charitable Giving

Ocean Beauty has a strong commitment to all of the communities in which we operate. Whether we are involved in a large world-wide feeding operation or support of a local library or youth sports team, our goals are the same: to strengthen the community and improve the long-term social conditions of everybody who lives there.



Protecting People and the Resource

When it comes to sustainability, it is not enough to work for healthy fish stocks, a pristine natural environment, and reduce our impact upon the earth – we believe that any comprehensive sustainability policy has to take into account all of those things PLUS the sustainability of the human populations that depend on the fish as well.

Download the complete text of Ocean Beauty’s Sustainability Policy.


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To understand the science and management behind the sustainability of our oceans’ resources, visit NOAA Fisheries’ FishWatch website to learn more. There you will find the profile of over a 100 wild-harvested and farm-raised species of seafood, quick facts about global issues, and the differences between wild and aquacultured seafood.