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129-Foot Salmon Spotted in Alaska

By , GuideOctober 15, 2012

I’ve seen some big salmon before, but this is ridiculous.

Earlier this month, Alaska Airlines unveiled its latest ode to the salmon, and “Wild Alaska Seafood,” a “Salmon-Thirty-Salmon II” Boeing 737-800 with a massive salmon painted on the side.

The “Salmon-Thirty-Salmon II” takes the cake for the largest salmon on record, spanning more than 129 feet and large enough to hold 157 passengers.

The new “Salmon-Thirty-Salmon II” design is similar to another salmon Alaska Airlines “released” on a 737-400 back in 2005.  This year’s design was produced in partnership with ASMI, which promotes wild, natural and sustainable Alaska seafood.

“Today, we are proud to introduce the largest flying fish to all of Alaska and the world,” Alaska Airlines regional vice president of the state of Alaska Marilyn Romano said in a statement. “Not only will this special plane spotlight the best, most sustainable seafood harvest in the world, it will also remind us of the important role the seafood industry has on the Alaska economy. On behalf of the 1,700 Alaska Airlines employees working in the state, we are also proud to safely fly the thousands of men and women who work in the seafood industry throughout the Last Frontier.”