Pillar Rock

Along with Icy Point, Searchlight and Pink Beauty brands, makes Ocean Beauty the leading producer and seller of Canned Alaska Wild Salmon in the United States. A customer favorite for nearly a century, Pillar Rock is delicious, nutritious and easy to prepare. What’s more, it’s kosher-certified, easy to store and has a long shelf life, * 6 years from production date.

Pillar Rock canned wild salmon can be found in stores throughout the Midwest, Midsouth, Southwest and Southeast areas of the USA.


Skinless Boneless Salmon

Skinless Boneless Canned Red (Sockeye) and Pink Salmon (both 6 oz)

Pillar Rock Alaska Pink and Sockeye salmon now come with the bones and skin removed!

Skinless, Boneless, No draining AND a natural source of Omega-3, this product is sure to compliment your favorite recipe! Also great in sandwiches and salads. Both are now available in 3 oz pouches as well as the larger 7.1 oz Pink Salmon pouch.