Ocean Beauty sells value-added seafood products under nearly two dozen brands. Smoked salmon, canned salmon, pickled herring, caviar, canned sardines, canned clams, frozen fillets and portions, frozen value added meals, salmon burgers, cream cheese spreads, salmon jerky, and many, many more. Many are national in scope, but some are highly regional, or only carry a few products. Since we pride ourselves on “Setting the Standard for Quality since 1910″, the emphasis of our brands is on the top quality product available anywhere.


  • Bay Beauty – Canned salmon

  • Commander – Canned sardines

  • Echo Falls – All-natural smoked salmon and trout, caviar

  • Icy Point – Canned salmon, smoked salmon, scallops

  • LASCCO – Smoked salmon, pickled herring, caviar

  • McGovern’s Best – Canned salmon

  • Nathan’s – Smoked salmon, pickled herring, cream cheese spreads

  • Ocean Beauty – Frozen value added fillets and portions, salmon burgers, scallops

  • Pillar Rock – Canned salmon

  • Pink Beauty – Canned salmon

  • Pirate – Canned salmon (English/Spanish bilingual packaging)

  • Port Clyde – Canned sardines

  • SeaChoice – Frozen value added portions

  • Searchlight – Canned salmon

  • Sound Beauty – Canned salmon

  • XIP – Salmon caviar