Commodity Seafood

Ocean Beauty is one of the largest primary processors of all five species of wild Alaskan salmon, along with halibut, black cod, pacific cod, rockfish, flatfish, pollock, herring, and many other quality fish species. We strive to produce the highest quality commodity seafood by adhering to strict safety and handling guidelines. As always, food safety is our #1 priority. Our plants are certified to rigorous national and international food safety and traceability standards.

Our commodity and value-added production capabilities compliment each other, and all us to match the best product form to each market. Ocean Beauty Seafoods offers a variety of fresh and frozen seafood products with a range of product forms and sizes depending on the specific type of species. The commodity products are frozen within hours of harvest, resulting in the highest possible quality for our customers. With many distribution locations from Dallas, Texas all the way to Seattle, Washington, we provide a wide range of locations for customers in and around those cities to obtain our quality commodity seafood. Ocean Beauty also provides next day delivery orders through our Fresh Direct Program, making all those last minute orders that much more possible with a reliable next day delivery guaranteed to be fresh as always.

Our seven processing plants make an assortment of commodity products, see our key species below.