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Canned Salmon

Our canneries are not only historic but a strategic business that supplies the world with a source of shelf-stable seafood.

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Value Added Seafood

Ocean Beauty customers come to us for our know-how with portions, sauces, burgers and entrées.

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Smoked Salmon

Our smokehouses produce both traditional ‘lox’ and the Northwest style hot (also known as hard) smoked  salmon.

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Salmon Jerky

We’re taking our seafood expertise and making waves in the salmon jerky category.

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Frozen Seafood

Frozen Seafood

Ocean Beauty value added operations produces a variety of fillets, portions, sauces, and burgers. Our people bring a century of combined experience to processing and developing new items for the domestic and global market.

Ocean Beauty’s marketing and R&D team are constantly at work to bring new seafood ideas to market. In addition to our own brands, we serve the fast-growing Private Label businesses of national and international chain stores.

value added seafood portion
salmon burger

To find out more about the Alaska species we process

visit our Commodity Products page.

Commodity Seafood

Proper handling is the first step in maintaining product quality from ocean to plate.

Therefore we stress the importance of keeping seafood ice-cold aboard fishing vessels and in our plants.

Canned Salmon

Canned Salmon

Natural. Convenient. Delicious.

Canned Alaska salmon is a certified paleo superfood and a shelf-stable source of omega-3 fatty acids, protein, vitamins and minerals.

Ocean Beauty is the leading packer in the United States with all our facilities in Alaska packing during the summer fishing season. Our Kodiak location can pack skinless and boneless salmon fillets.

Check out the versatility of this old favorite at Alaska Seafood’s canned salmon recipe microsite.

sardines and clams Ocean Beauty also carries canned sardines and canned clams under the brands Port Clyde, Commander, and Neptune.

Smoked Salmon & Specialty Seafood

From smoked salmon to pickled herring to cream cheese spreads to caviars, Ocean Beauty proudly offers a diverse and delicious line of ready-to-eat seafood products. Our quality brands – all with decades of experience and name recognition – LASCCO, Nathan’s, Echo Falls, each offer unique brand attributes to target diverse markets. Ocean Beauty is a leader in private label ready-to-eat seafood, whether you need preservative free or color enhanced value items we have the product know-how to fill the deli case. However, our smoked specialty does not stop with the deli case; we are experienced with foodservice and club packs, able to scale products to fit any need.

Products include several varieties of premium-smoked salmon, pickled and marinated herring (in a range of flavors), smoked salmon spreads, smoked fish salads and more.

smoked salmon platter

Cold Smoked Salmon

Ocean Beauty is a large processor, importer, and distributor of cold smoked salmon.

Different cures and techniques determine what is lox, gravlax, nova salmon, or smoked salmon. We do them all and have decades of experience behind our brands. Our quality brands – whether steeped in local lore or new to the scene – LASCCO, Nathan’s, Echo Falls, each offer unique brand attributes to target diverse markets.

Hot Smoked Salmon

Hot smoked salmon, also known as kippered or hard smoked, is a fully cooked Northwest-style delicacy. This technique has been around hundreds of years and served indigenous cultures as a way to preserve the salmon harvest into the winter. Ocean Beauty scales up these methods at our smoking facility located in Seattle, Washington.

salmon caviar

Salmon Caviar

Ocean Beauty processes a large amount of salmon, and therefore we pack salmon roe by the metric ton, most of which gets exported to Asia and Europe. We also pack jarred caviar under the brands LASCCO and Echo Falls.

salmon spread

Seafood Spreads

Our ready-to-eat processing facility makes blended spreads and dips, creating an indulgent product whipped up with dairy and herb components.

Salmon Jerky

salmon jerky

Wild Salmon Jerky is the newest addition to the Ocean Beauty Seafoods line of retail products. Available in Teriyaki, Black Pepper, and Original flavors, the 3oz packages are perfect for jerky lovers and anyone who wants a great-tasting snack.

The snack business is huge, and shoppers are increasingly looking for high protein options with wholesome ingredients. Dried snack popularity is on the rise and beef jerky is going mainstream. Riding the wave are the ‘alternative’ meats, including fish like wild salmon. We’re proud to be pioneering the first large-scale salmon jerky manufacturing and finding new markets for this unconventional, delicious snack.

Ocean Beauty Brand Wild Salmon Jerky is proudly made in the USA using only 100% natural ingredients. The line is low in fat, high in protein, Orthodox Union Kosher, and competitively priced with beef jerky. All three flavors are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, and provide an excellent choice for the consumer who wants not only a great-tasting jerky but also the health benefits of wild salmon.