Salmon Canning

Canned Salmon Line

Natural. Convenient. Delicious. Canned Alaska salmon is a certified superfood and a shelf-stable source of omega-3 fatty acids, protein, vitamins and minerals. Ocean Beauty is the leading packer of retail and store-brand canned salmon in the United States with all six of our facilities in Alaska producing canned salmon during the summer fishing season.

Canning salmon is traditionally a solution to the abundance of the resource. During the peak days of a salmon return, the practical way to process the bounty of fish is to pack them in cans with the skin and bones. The bones are soft, edible, and an excellent source of calcium, and since much of the Omega-3 fatty acid content of the fish is found just under the skin, this leads to superior nutrition as well. For those consumers not looking for traditionally packed salmon, Ocean Beauty has a skinless-boneless line installed in the Kodiak, Alaska facility.

Our primary brands are Pillar Rock, Icy Point, Pink Beauty, and Searchlight.Looking for recipes and suggestions? The Alaska Seafood Marketing Instutute has dozens of the best recipes imaginable at


In addition, Ocean Beauty also sells canned sardines and canned clams. We use only top quality cold-water Baltic Sea sardines, and New Jersey shore clams. Sardines are available under the Port Clyde and Commander brands, and our canned clams are sold under our Neptune label. Sardines are among the healthiest foods available anywhere, loaded with beneficial Omega-3 fatty acids and available in a wide variety of flavors.