Monroe Smokehouse
14651 172nd Dr SE
Monroe, WA 98272
(425) 483-1177

Monroe is home to Ocean Beauty’s primary smokehouse, the largest, and most sophisticated salmon smoking operation in the United States. This state of the art operation specializes in using Wild Alaska Salmon for production into all types of cold-smoked and hot-smoked salmon. The plant combines the efficiency of a modern manufacturing facility with manufacturing methods that are consistent with the best in hand-crafted product. We pride ourselves on being the quality manufacturer in everything we do, and Monroe symbolizes that.

The plant is certified against the British Retail Consortium Global Audit Standards (one of the worldwide recognized GFSI programs).  In addition, Ocean Beauty voluntarily participates in the U.S. Department of Commerce (USDC) HACCP-QMP Seafood Inspection Program, to further ensure that consumers are provided with a safe, wholesome, properly labeled product of consistent quality.

December 2, 2014