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SeaShare: Supporting Sustainable Seafood and Communities

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SeaShare: Supporting Sustainable Seafood and Communities

SeaShare is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping the seafood industry donate to hunger-relief organizations in the United States. Founded in 1994, SeaShare has a long history of working to ensure that seafood is accessible and affordable for everyone that needs it. The organization partners with seafood companies and processors, such as Ocean Beauty Seafoods, to distribute surplus seafood to food banks and other hunger-relief organizations. Ocean Beauty has been a long-standing partner with SeaShare, donating over 19.5M servings of frozen and shelf stable seafood over the years.

SeaShare not only helps to ensure that people in need have access to healthy and nutritious food, but it also helps to reduce waste in the seafood industry. By appealing to the National Marine Fisheries Service regulations in Alaska (the largest fishery in the USA,) SeaShare managed to change how fishermen by-catch (the non-targeted fish caught during commercial fishing for a different species) was handled. Rather than throwing dead fish overboard, these fish are now used as significant source of nutrition to help fight hunger.

One of the keyways that SeaShare achieves their goals is through their seafood distribution program. The non-profit provides the framework and logistics that allow a wide range of partners to work together to make large- and small-scale donations possible. By coordinating donations from fishermen with contributions from cold storage, processing, and shipping partners, SeaShare leverages its network to enable the industry to give on a scale that can only be achieved from a collective effort. To date, SeaShare has donated over 250M meals to food banks across America.

Ocean Beauty Seafoods is proud to work with an organization such as SeaShare, an important and valuable non-profit that strives to provide needy communities with nutritious seafood by organizing logistics with partnering organizations. Ocean Beauty annually hosts a charity fundraiser in SeaShare’ s honor – in 2022, Ocean Beauty raised $10,000 to gift directly to SeaShare. Whether you are a seafood industry professional, a consumer, or a member of a fishing community, consider supporting SeaShare in their efforts to fight seafood waste and hunger from the United States with a cash or seafood donation today.