Excursion Inlet
Juneau, AK 99850-0090
(907) 771-4820

Our facility at Excursion Inlet, Alaska, is a combination of history, location, natural beauty, fish resource, and manufacturing capabilities unequaled anywhere. Similar to our plant in Alitak, Excursion Inlet is completely remote, unconnected by road, power grid or water system. Boat, barge, and plane are the only access. Located 40 miles west of Juneau, bordering on Glacier Bay National Park, the current site has been home to a salmon cannery since 1908. With its long history of being a salmon cannery, Ocean Beauty’s Excursion Inlet production facility knows what to do when it comes to producing top quality canned salmon, along with its expertly produced other fish species as well.

December 1, 2014