Echo Falls

Echo Falls Premium Smoked Salmon

Smoked Sockeye

Apple Wood Smoked Alaska Sockeye Salmon

The #1 Selling All-Natural Premium item in the U.S.

4oz Apple Wood Smoked Sockeye Salmon

No artificial smoke, preservatives, or colors!

UPC 0-48313-77404-1
4oz x 12-count master case
1-month refrigerated shelf life.

Echo Falls Smoked Alaska Sockeye

Echo Falls

New items from Echo Falls, the leader in premium Smoked Salmon!

The Echo Falls promise: Our smoked salmon and seafood specialties use no artificial preservatives or unnecessary ingredients. Gourmet tradition, quality, and delicacy goes into every product.

Echo Falls Oak Whisky Cask Scottish Smoked Salmon

Scotch Whisky Cask Smoked Salmon – 7 oz.

The truly special Whisky Cask Smoked Scottish Salmon is smoked gently with the expended oak casks that were used in the aging of Scotch whisky. The subtle but distinctive flavor is small batch and 100% Scottish.

Echo Falls 7 ox Sockeye

Smoked Sockeye Salmon – Now in 7oz.

We take wild Alaska sockeye salmon and smoke using apple wood for a best-in-class product. Our new interleaving allows you to peel slices easily for serving up on a platter for parties or an impromptu brunch.

Echo Falls Long Slice Atlantic

Canapé Slice – Unique for Special Occasions!

Value without compromise! This long sliced smoked salmon is a fillet cut the other direction (laterally). What this does is make longer, continuous, and evenly shaped slices which are perfect for rolling up with delicious creamy stuffing, wrapping over melons or zucchini, or for at home sushi rolls.

Echo Falls Smoked Rainbow Trout

Hot Smoked Rainbow Trout

We found the best smoked trout in the world and packed it under Echo Falls with the same stringent attention to detail you expect from the #1 Natural Brand of smoked fish in the country.

Echo Falls is not just Smoked Salmon, it’s an experience.

Specialty and seafood buyers should call Ron C. at Ocean Beauty 206-285-6800

Sockeye Salmon Candy

Echo Falls Candied Sockeye

A simple and traditional Northwest recipe formulated with more sugar and brown sugar for added sweetness. We leave the entire sockeye strip intact for a luxurious presentation.

Specialty and seafood buyers should call Ron C. at Ocean Beauty 206-285-6800

Download the hot smoked sell sheet.

Smoked Sockeye Salmon Candy 12-oz


UPC 0-48313-20004-5

12oz x 6-count master case.

45 day chilled shelf life

Salmon Candy Bulk Package


2lb x 5-count master case

Same recipe and quality you expect from Echo Falls in a foodservice application.