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Customer Spotlight: Shell Shack Uptown

Shell Shack Uptown is in its 13th month of business now, and the people are continuing to crowd in to enjoy the succulent variety of shellfish this unique, casual dining restaurant has to offer.

Owners Dallas Hale and Matt Saba created the Shell Shack concept and worked together to bring it to life. The two collaborated to create the “special sauce” that is one of the key things that keeps people coming back,  and when they approached  Bill Moede to join their team, he could see the uniqueness and the opportunity and  was eager to accept the position.

Asked what he would attribute the success of the restaurant to, Bill said   “the uniqueness of the product, along with the consistency of execution for both product and of service has made us stand out in the market. A recent patron was enjoying a glass of wine here recently and he told me his time at lunch that day’ reminded him of an experience in the Mediterranean’ and to me that was the ultimate compliment! Coming to the Shell Shack is an escape from reality for a little while,  to relax and enjoy a Texas coastal crab boil.”

When asked “Why Ocean Beauty? “ he said, without hesitation the open communication, both regarding issues that may arise and being an educational resource are several of the reasons he enjoys the partnership with our company.

As far as future plans for Shell Shack, they have a new location scheduled to open in Spring of 2015 in the Plano area near Park and the Tollway, and they are looking into Arlington for a future location. Things are “cracking” for this restaurant  and its future!

Featuring Operations Director Bill Moede

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