1100 W Ewing St
Seattle, WA 98119
(206) 285-6800
Our headquarters are where you can find our executive management as well as most of the corporate functions that cross all segments of our business: food safety, logistics, marketing, procurement, accounting, data services, as well as domestic sales, commodity sales, and canned seafood sales.

Looking across the Ship Canal at Ocean BeautySeattle is home to Ocean Beauty’s corporate headquarters, as well as our primary value-added seafood manufacturing plant, and our largest fish distribution company. All three business units are in the heart of Seattle, on the Lake Washington Ship Canal, at 1100 West Ewing Street. Situated on the canal, we take dock deliveries from the fall Puget Sound salmon fisheries directly at our headquarters.

Ship Canal in Seattle

As a hub for seafood from Alaska, Canada, Washington and Oregon, Seattle is a seafood oasis. Highly popular items such as Copper River Salmon, Alaska Troll Kings, Pacific Halibut, Dungeness Crab and King Crab are plentiful and fresh, often just one to two days out of the water.

The Seattle value-added plant is a versatile facility where we produce a broad variety of frozen value-added seafood products both for our brands and for private label brands. This facility is particularly important for its ability to produce to top quality Product of USA items. Major product forms include fillets and portions (marinated and plain), burgers, crabcakes, stuffed products, meal replacements, dips and spreads, caviar, jerky and other products.