Kodiak, AK 99697-0210
(907) 771-4800

Ocean Beauty Alitak

Since 1917 this remote facility on the southern tip of Kodiak Island has been producing the world’s finest salmon and other seafood. There is no village there, no roads, no airplane landing strips, and both electrical power and water must be generated on site. With access restricted to boat, barge, and float plane, Alitak remains one of the world’s most pristine areas.

Key products include: value added salmon fillets & portions, halibut (H&G & fillet), black cod, roe herring, canned salmon, and salmon roe.

This area is also home to one the most extensive set of petroglyphs in North America. Alitak plant manager Woody Knebel authored a detailed book on the petroglyphs and the people of the region. It is titled The Cape Alitak Petroglyphs: From the Old People: Llirluni cuuliraq suuiut cingiyaq Alitak patriitaq and can be ordered through Amazon.com.