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Ocean Beauty Seafoods is an equal opportunity employer, dedicated to treating every person we employ with dignity and respect, and creating an environment that fosters community and encourages long-term career opportunities.
We operate in sixteen different locations in the US, from Alaska to Texas, and have an equally diverse set of employees and job functions. In addition to permanent situations, we also employ a large number of summer seasonal employees throughout Alaska.

Our goal is to do right by everybody we deal with, to take responsibility for our actions, and to be accountable to every person and business that we work with. We have an obligation to play an active role in helping to improve the lives of everybody we work with. To this end we strive to ensure fair labor practices, practice good business ethics, maintain open communications, support seafood sustainability, and be a strong advocate for environmental stewardship.

Ocean Beauty’s Sustainability Policy can be read on this website under the Sustainability Page.