Seattle Value Added Production

1100 W Ewing St.

Seattle, WA 98119

(206) 285-6800

Our Seattle Value-Added production facility is designed to be a versatile manufacturing plant that can accommodate a wide range of products, manufacturing processes, and specific customer needs. Located on Seattle’s Ship Canal, this is the only major processing facility in Seattle that still takes dock deliveries from the boats that fish the fall Puget Sound salmon fishery.

Our major product lines are fillets and portions, which are available plain, sauced, with dry-rubs, or encrusted; burgers and cakes, such as crabcakes and salmon cakes; stuffed items such as roulades and pinwheels; salmon jerky and snack sticks; seafood meal replacements; specialty cream cheese products, and caviars. In addition, we have the capacity to custom manufacture products to meet any customer’s exacting specification.

The operation is certified against the British Retail Consortium Audit Standards (one of the worldwide recognized GSFI programs).  In addition, Ocean Beauty voluntarily participates in the U.S. Department of Commerce (USDC) HACCP-QMP Seafood Inspection Program, to further ensure that consumers are provided with a safe, wholesome, properly labeled product of consistent quality.

December 2, 2014