Gourmet Retailer Honors Echo Falls Whisky Cask Scottish Salmon

Echo Falls Whisky Cask Smoked Scottish Salmon

Gourmet Retailer Editor’s Pick

Gourmet Retailer Magazine has honored the Echo Falls Whisky Cask Smoked Scottish Salmon as a 2016 Editor’s Pick! When we launched this product in March of 2016 we had no doubt we had a winner, but it is certainly gratifying to receive outside confirmation from one of the most respected voices in the food industry press.

Echo Falls Whisky Cask Smoked Scottish Salmon

Unique Raw Material and Smoking

What makes this product unique, and why did Gourmet Retailer choose it? Well, it’s made unlike any other product on the market. First of all, the salmon are raised specifically for smoking. This is one of the things that makes Scottish smoked salmon so prized. Second, the smoke is produced from retired oak casks used to age The Macallan Scotch Whisky, the finest whisky in the world. These casks are made from American oak, and initially used to age sherry in Spain, then exported again to Scotland for the whisky aging process. In all, some of the casks have been acquiring their distinctive flavors for more than twenty years.

Echo Falls Food Safety and Product Description

This product comes in a 7oz (200g) sleeved package, perfect for entertaining. Like all Echo Falls products, it is all-natural, using no artificial ingredients and no preservatives other than salt used in the curing process. It is manufactured in compliance with FSA HACCP regulations in a facility certified against the British Retail Consortium Audit Standards (BRC). It ships frozen, and has a full 30 days of shelf life in the unopened package after thawing.

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Full Utilization

One of Ocean Beauty’s primary goals is full utilization of all of our resources. By the time these casks have fulfilled their useful life aging the whisky, they are no longer usable. Normally they would go to a landfill at this point. Chipping them up for their aromatic smoke not only gives us the best product around, but fulfills responsible environmental stewardship while doing so. You can rely on Echo Falls to bring you the finest, most innovative, and most responsibly sourced smoked salmon in the world.