Customer Spotlight: Buoy 9


Chef & Owner Vern Keen

Hammond, Oregon


Why Ocean Beauty?

Vern Says: “Price, Quality and a sales staff always willing to go the extra mile to fill my seafood needs”

If you’re looking for great food at a fair price where the dishes are plentiful, make the trip to the beach and visit The Buoy 9 in Hammond, Oregon. Here you will discover a quaint, home-style restaurant buzzing with locals and first time diners alike.

In the kitchen, along with his devoted staff, you will find owner/chef Vern Keen. Vern has been a part of Buoy 9’s Success since 1988 and has owned the popular business since 1993.

Vern’s Kitchen career began at the age of 16 at the Bowmans Resort in Mount Hood Oregon (now known as the Resort at the Mountain). After working at various restaurants on the mountain as well as Timberline Lodge where Vern met his future wife and business partner, Amy. In 1988, after years of experiencing different climates and cooking styles together, Vern and Amy came to live in the Pacific Northwest. Soon after, he began his career at The Buoy 9 Restaurant.

Buoy 9 has been a local favorite and traveler’s stop for years. Try the fresh local fare, sample their spirits, and feel the warmth of the cozy atmosphere. Dive in to their expansive menu where every choice is the right one. Whether it’s Vern’s hearty pasta, thick-cut steaks, juicy burgers or fresh seafood, Buoy 9 Restaurant will not disappoint.

The goal at Buoy 9 is to stay efficient and continue to send out quality dishes from the kitchen for all to enjoy. Keep up the good work Buoy 9, and thanks for letting Ocean Beauty be a part of your success.

Setting the Standard for Quality Since 1910.