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2015 Winter Fancy Food Show – A look back

ocean beauty salmon jerkyThe 2015 Winter Fancy Food Show is behind us, and while Ocean Beauty was there to exhibit smoked salmon, salmon jerky, and specialty seafood, we also keep a keen eye for flavor trends marketed by thousands of gourmet and specialty food companies big and small.

For those not in the loop, the winter Fancy Food show takes place every January in lovely San Francisco and the summer show is in New York City, fitting that this show is held in our bicoastal capitals of fine dining and food culture. Both shows are heavily attended, with a large amount of chocolates, cheeses, and gourmet snacks on display. Gourmet seafoods like smoked salmon and caviar are no exception.

Here are our observations which we use to develop new products:

  • Don’t Miss a Beet – Root vegetables are getting attention. In addition to the popular carrot and taro chips, beets are making their way to retails shelves. Craft pickles and kimchi have made waves in foodservice and this trend is coming to gourmet retail. Our friends Bob, John, Gil, and Michele over at Tryst Gourmet have hit the spot with their Eat Well Embrace Life Beet Hummus and Zesty Sriracha Carrot Hummus. Yum!
  • Everything Paleo – If you are a kale or quinoa chip fanatic, this is your show. Ocean Beauty’s own Salmon Jerky fits in with the other paleo dried snacks like turkey jerky and coconut chips. This is a growth category and one we have admittedly invested in, with room for more alternatives to dried beef and pork.
  • Gourmet Popcorn – Everyone loves popcorn! America’s favorite movie snack gets gourmet with unusual flavors and styles. Bellevue, WA based Half Pops have an innovative product that adds extra crunch to a corn kernel by only popping it half way. How DO they do that!?
Ocean Beauty’s Julie Thelander with Gail Balcom her vendor relations contact at DPI.

Ocean Beauty’s Julie Thelander with Gail Balcom her vendor relations contact at DPI.

DPI Passport Contest

Ocean Beauty would like to thank DPI Specialty Foods for making us a part of their Passport contest at the Winter Fancy Food Show. Of their hundreds of vendors, Ocean Beauty made the list of 13 booth stops on the scavenger contest where their buyers were entered to win a GoPro camera. What a fantastic networking idea!