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13,000 lbs of halibut to northern Alaska villages

On October 1 the US Coast Guard delivered over 13,000 lbs of halibut to Kotzebue, Alaska, where with the assistance of the NANA Regional Corporation it was distributed to elders representing ten villages north of the Arctic Circle. The fish were received from Kodiak fishermen then processed and packaged by Ocean Beauty. Carlile Transportation loaded the fish onto a USCG C-130. The fish was then flown to Kotzebue where the NANA crew and other local volunteers were on hand to distribute the halibut to the villages in the region.

The halibut were caught as inadvertent troll bycatch from the fisheries off of Kodiak Island. SeaShare is there to ensure the fish that not only does it not go to waste but that it makes the biggest possible community impact. Local food banks take what they can. And when SeaShare receives more fish than the community of Kodiak needs, they work to find freight and storage partners to help the fish reach other communities.