Seafood Brands

Ocean Beauty Seafoods has numerous active retail seafood brands, some dating back nearly a century in the seafood business. Our retail brands have earned name recognition over the years and stand out as quality and top choice products in the competitively driven retail seafood industry. Our distinctive brands provide a countless range of food choices from Ocean Beauty salmon burgers to Echo Falls hot and cold smoked salmon to Lascco’s fine caviar. Try some of our seafood brand products today and experience for yourself why these seafood products have made a name for themselves over the years.

Canned Salmon Brands

Pillar Rock
Pink Beauty
Icy Point
Bay Beauty
McGovern’s Best
Sound Beauty

Other Brands

Nathan’s Smoked Salmon
Smoke it All
Taste T Pacific Whiting
Man Of War Crab
XIP – Salmon caviar
Sea Choice
Port Clyde Sardines
Neptune – canned clams

Ocean Beauty Brand

Echo Falls


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