The Los Angeles Smoking & Curing Company(LASCCO), acquired in 1995 by Ocean Beauty, is a premium smoked & pickled fish brand with a history dating back to 1921. LASCCO is the only brand in the US that offers a complete line of specialty seafood products. From traditional cold smoked lox to hot-smoked salmon to pickled herring to caviar to color-added smoked salmon, LASCCO does it all. All LASCCO products are certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union.

The original LA production facility

The original Los Angeles Smoking & Curing Company

With the inherit high cost to operate a smokehouse in downtown Los Angeles, operations moved to Chile where being near salmon farms meant an improved texture and flavor. A wide selection of smoked and specialty seafood products are available under the LASCCO brand, including several varieties of smoked salmon, marinated herring and caviars. The LASCCO label stands for quality, and is a solid choice for any foodservice or retail customer.

 Kosher Deli Quality Since 1921

Smoked Salmon

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LASCCO is uniquely positioned in the marketplace. No other brand offers a comprehensive product mix of all major specialty seafood products. LASCCO’S combination of quality, outstanding packaging, extended shelf life, and OU Kosher is unrivaled.

LASCCO Smoked Salmon

All LASCCO smoked salmon packaging contains several chef-tested, easy to prepare recipes, and all are in both English and Spanish.



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Everything old is new again! Surprise your guests with LASCCO pickled herring, an item which has become the latest new thing. The old adage that each generation reinvents what the previous generation has forgotten was never more true. Delicious, loaded with healthful Omega-3 fatty acids, LASCCO herring is just what the doctor ordered.


LASCCO herring and caviars offer the finest in traditional, high quality Canadian pickled herring and both salmon and whitefish caviars. All are OU Kosher.