1. Lynne Dalrymple 4 months ago

    I’ve purchased the Nova smoked salmon & it’s good but I don’t see any sell by or use by date on the package. How do I know how long I can keep it?


    Lynne Dalrmple

  2. Vito Adragna 4 months ago

    I purchased LASCCO NOVA LOX at Safeway. The package was frozen. There is a freeze by date. If it defrosts in the store can it be frozen again?

  3. Donna 3 months ago

    I purchased a package of the Nova Salmon and have it refrigerated but do not see a use by date stamped on it. How long will it last and how do I know if it is fresh.

  4. Cliff 1 hour ago

    Same comment/question as above. Why have you not posted a response in over four months?

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